Trends – Spring Prints

I know Spring has just arrived over here  and unfortunately it’s still quite cold outside. Now we can at least talk about a new addition to your wardrobe for smooth transitions from winter to spring and then to summer.

Yes, floral prints have been around some time and they may not be groundbreaking, but they will be forever iconic especially during spring  and summer seasons. You can always count on floral prints for up-to-date and fresh look. Floral prints has already become a kind of must have so have a look on these beautiful trends for latest trends and style tip of floral prints! This season’s floral print appeared on runways span around from super-subtle to super-bold but contains unity in appearing modern and polished with a twist of nineties feel.

Last season’s big hit, sweet pastel shades were not seen that often but the quality of delicacy and subtly was still best friend with delicate floral patterns on sheer panels for feminine look. Expected the unexpected! Of course there are loud, vibrant and bold floral prints this season. Many chic dresses, throws and jump suits are entertaining the world with vibrant blossoms with clashes of strong hues and sometimes in harmony with artistic brush strokes.

The sprit of spring is often associated with cheerful colors and lively patterns. However this season, designers proved it that floral prints can be darkened and toned down to still resemble everything about spring. Dark floral prints are often imprinted on sheer fabrics with polished yet feminine silhouettes. Sleek hair, minimal make-up and sporty details would be the ideal way to style dark florals.

Sometimes things that have nothing in common clash beautifully and create something very fresh. Floral suites have both harsh masculine line and feminine floral prints leaves strong impression on runways.  You can buy Spring Floral Prints at :

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